7 things related to iPhone

 tell you about 7 things related to iPhone

The US company Apple launched its two latest model iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in India on September 29. Although many people have used the iPhone but there are some people who are going to be an iPhone user for the first time. If you are one of those users who are going to use the iPhone for the first time then you must read this news. Here we will tell you about some 7 things related to the iPhone which can be very useful to you. In this Post We will tell you about 7 things related to the iPhone.
7 things related to i phone

First, create an Apple ID in the phone. After creating the ID you can download the app from the Apple Store. This allows you to buy movies from iTunes, subscribe to Apple Music.

Install iTunes in your phone
If you have purchased an iPhone device then it is important for you to install iTunes on your computer.

Activate phone with system settings
You can set up the phone with the help of fundamental settings. With this you will be able to use features like Face-time, Find My iPhone, I Message.

Setup My iPhone Options
If your phone is lost then you can find it with this feature. You will find this in Icloud. This will make GPS on the phone.

Config I Cloud
This will work to save, sync and update data in your Apple device.

Create Touch ID
Touching your finger through the Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) phone lock and unlock. To create Touch ID, do this: Settings> General> Touch ID & Passcode> Touch ID

Restore Backup Data
After doing all these settings, backup your old iPhone's data to the new one. Go to: Settings> I cloud> Backup
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